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Real vs Virtual

Er is nogal wat spanning over de virtuele en de ‘echte’ wereld. Maar zijn het wel twee losse concepten of bestaat het één in het ander, en bestaat een virtuele realiteit eigenlijk wel? Sommigen denken dat er een ‘exodus’ zal … Continue reading

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Due to changes in our environment some places are being washed back into the sea some land cannot sustain life any longer… The people fleeing such places are refugees for geological reasons and we shall call them Refugeos

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Eat the love

Love, lust or longing… A psychological and emotional manifestation that has a deeply physical effect. Is there even really such a thing? Or is it just chemical trickery? Is this love or just gravy? Bio-chemistry teams up with cultural indoctrination … Continue reading

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Loose Yourself

Television will create a numb society, the (smart)phone will stop people from having face-to-face contact and internet will keep us forever glued to our screens. Concern has been widespread about every type of mass medium known to man. Why are … Continue reading

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The good in being sad

According to Zillmann’s Mood Management theory (1988) we are all hedonists continuously striving for a positive mood. So what about negative media content? Thrilling or sad movies will fulfil the hedonistic principle as long as the good guys win in … Continue reading

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Was it good for you?

Mood-management theory (Zillmann 1988) proposes to explain the choices we make in all conceivable stimulus arrangements on the premise that we are hedonists. As a hedonistic user of media entertainment we will use media to get rid of a bad … Continue reading

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