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At our leisure

The more things change… Today, many people worry that people increasingly waste their free leisure time by turning to shallow media entertainment. They say that everything was better back then. But has so much really changed? Aristoteles raised the question … Continue reading

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Shifting India

Perhaps the caste system in India is not such a bad idea after all. Having been there and experienced the enormous amount of people E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E I cannot help but feel that the slow shift into a liberal society will cause … Continue reading

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Wetenschap als religie

Moderne wetenschap lijkt het antwoord op alles in huis te hebben. Maar ‘wetenschappelijk bewezen’ is niet meer dan dogma. Weten we iets of is het nog steeds geloof? De moderne samenleving stoelt zich voor een groot deel op de moderne wetenschap. … Continue reading

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