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Mijn passie is het toepassen van psychologisch inzicht en technische innovatie ter verbetering van ons dagelijkse leven. Mijn missie hierin is de academische kennis die we hebben – resultaten uit psychologisch onderzoek – te laten bijdragen aan het inzetten van technologieën die het beste uit onszelf naar boven halen.
Vaak ben ik het in te huren huiswerk over de psychologische kant van de interactie tussen mens en medium, betrokken bij de start van het ontwikkelingproces of bij de implementatie. Graag ben ik bezig met het opzetten, uitvoeren en analyseren van onderzoek zoals focus-groups, lab experimentatie en surveys.
Naast de psychologie van gemedieerde interactie in het algemeen ligt mijn expertise in de psychologie van (serious) gaming en de interacties binnen verschillende game-realiteiten. Hierin ben ik vooral geinteresseerd in spel als educatieve structuur en effect onderzoek naar dit spelend leren.

My drive is the application of psychological knowledge and technical innovation to benefit individuals and/or society as a whole. My personal mission is to try and bridge the gap between academic knowledge and real-world application. By using research results from the field of psychology in the application of technology, our own best behaviour can be better facilitated.
Often I am involved as the hired expertise on the psychological side of the human-machine interaction. I consult at the start of a development process or at implementation. Gladly I am also involved in setting up, conducting and analysing research such as focus group research, lab experimentation or survey research.
Beyond the psychology of mediated interaction in general, my expertise is in (serious) gaming and interactions within different gaming realities. My interest here is mainly in gaming as a learning structure and effect studies in this area.

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2 Responses to Bio

  1. Patrick Orr says:

    Thanks so much for the list serve. I must admit that you have stolen my topic, now I must think of a new one. We are a pair you and I. I am a designer by education, entrepreneur by passion, and a strategist by job. Shameless effort towards goals most might think unattainable is what I have made a career out of. My real gift comes from my ability to motivate, as I can imagine yours is too.

    Nice to meet you.
    From Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

    P.S. One time I made a dutch auction site: although it appears to have changed significantly since the original launch.



  2. Priscilla says:

    haha Yee you, keep up the impossible
    and are you a secret Dutchy?
    we did ship a lot of them of to Canada (and Australia)

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