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Keep your arousal high

We often think of the responses of our body and our emotional state as linked to our performance. “My heart is racing. I am terribly nervous because I am no good at…..”. However, this is not necessarily a valid conclusion. … Continue reading

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Bartle’s Player Groups by Extra Creditz

Excellent explanation – not just on the taxonomy of player groups and its’ two dimensions but also on how and why the categorization came to be.

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The play perspective of videogaming

Play seems to be something unreal. At first it seems intuitively clear what is meant by play; it is obvious when one is playing and when one is in earnest. The distinction between real and play seems clear, but at … Continue reading

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Spelen is van levensbelang – Kennis van Nu

Uitgezonden op Nederland 2 door de NTR op 28 januari 2015 om 19:20 uur.

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Quotable #7 Imagine

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Verandering in realiteit door Alternate Reality Gaming – een onderzoek

Wat is ‘spelen’ en hoe verhoudt het zich tot de rest van ons leven en onze realiteit? Huizinga (1938) en Caillios (1957) waren de eersten die uitgebreid nadachten over een geschikte definitie. Spel is afgebakend als een activiteit die vrij … Continue reading

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