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Guest lecture Serious games for Health Media psychology, Amsterdam University College, 2017.

Haring, P., & Warmelink, H. (2016). Looking for Metacognition. In International Conference on Games and Learning Alliance (pp. 95-106). Springer.

Presentation The effect of a game prompt on self-efficacy concerning problem-solving challenges of living with Diabetes type II at Researching Games Barcamp, Play Week Berlin 2016.

Keynote Play together, learn together. Game Based Learning in social context. Launch of an Erasmus+ project on Game Based Learning, 26 november 2015, Hoogeveen.

Gastcollege Make them play.  Persuasieve Technologie, Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen, 2015.

Keynote Spelen met apps bij Apps4KortRijk Open Data bootcamp  livestream 30 januari 2014, Kortrijk.

Presentatie In je zak RTC  Netwerkborrel: Level 2014 van het Regionaal Technologisch Centrum West-Vlaanderen, 30 januari 2014, Kortijk.

Presentation at the Barcamp Researching Games 2013. Examining perceived reality, cultivation effects, social presence and strategic knowledge in two gaming types:                  1) MMORPG 2) ARG. ‘Alternate Reality Gaming changes reality’. 28/29 September 2013, Wiesbaden.

Presentation Ludic city 2: Grounding game-play in the public environment. Breaking the magic circle pdf Breaking the magic circle video 8 May 2013, Brussels.

Presentation Got Game Conference Amsterdam, 2012. Head into games on game enjoyment, basic human needs and serious gaming.

Creating Serious Gaming. Guest lecture for Media Design students at the Edith Cowan University, Perth, Australia. Perth ECU lecture Creativity and Serious games

Haring, P., Chakinska, D., & Ritterfeld, U. (2011). Understanding Serious Gaming: A Psychological Perspective. In Felicia, P. (Ed.), Handbook of Research on Improving Learning and Motivation through Educational Games: Multidisciplinary Approaches. (pp. 413-430). doi:10.4018/978-1-60960-495-0.ch020

ARG vs. MMORPG: More Real, and More Social on ARGnet

How Alternate Reality Gaming changes reality. The effects of playing an Alternate Reality Game on reality, during and beyond game play, compared to the effects of playing a Massively Multi-player Online Role Playing Game. How ARG changes reality_Masterthesis_Priscilla_Haring

Ritterfeld, U., Roelofsma, P., Haring, P., Chakinska, D., Van den Bosch, M., & Versteeg, L. (2010). Head first into serious health gaming. a2e2 as a new approach of digital exercise coaching for seniors. Conference publicatie van GameDays 2010; Serious Games for Sports and Health. Head First

Real-vs-virtual-sept2009 Artikel in Essay, Faculteitsblad Sociale Wetenschappen, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

Poster ETMAAL conference, 2010. Introducing audio books. Usage of audio books in Germany, the Netherlands and the USA – an explorative study.. Introducing Audio Books

Humour theories; Schadenfreude. This paper searches scientific literature on what Schadenfreude is and how it works in a mediated world. Schadenfreude

Looking at ‘online English’ and ‘informal English’. Discussing Computer Mediated Communication in general and web fora in specific. Informal fora

Online English in gamers chat. Distills and discusses several characteristics of a transcript of a chat channel in a MMORPG. Gamers English

The people you know. The effect of a non-celebrity endorser in a television commercial campaign with a recurring narrative on consumer brand awareness. The people you know

Effecten van informatiedichtheid in een advertentie gelet op visuele informatie en de neiging tot nadenken. Thesis for Bachelor of Science, VU University Amsterdam. Informatiedichtheid in advertentie

Artikel in Ad Valvas, weekblad van de Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Veritas debat
Artikelen in Essay, Faculteitsblad Sociale Wetenschappen, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Wetenschap als religie Tribunegedrag

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