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White Rabbit into White Rabbit

A recording of me singing White rabbit (Jefferson Airplane) patched into our White Rabbit deep spatial effects module. We made the White Rabbit in creative collaboration with Error Instruments

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The Gift of Giving

Patagonia just turned the entire profit of their company into a foundation to protect the earth. Bill Gates has been giving almost all of his money away and runs the Giving Pledge for other billionaires that feel their wealth is unevenly distributed. GiveWell has … Continue reading

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PALO Player Actions with a Learning Objective

One challenge that researching games has, is how to describe game content and especially capturing ongoing psychological processes in a way that makes them comparable. We tried to capture gaming behaviour in Blooms taxonomy which is a popular tool for … Continue reading

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I Solemnly Swear: Code of Ethics

Codes of conduct or ethical codes exist in many professions. Engineers can also commit themselves to being good. Engineering Ethics The first code of ethics for engineers is the Ritual of the Calling of an Engineer — written by Rudyard Kipling in … Continue reading

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Machine Rebel with a Cause: Chris Julien on Ethical Electronics and More

Chris Julien is a researcher at Waag Futurelab for technology and society while doing his PhD in “Ecological governance: Deep adaptation machines.” He is also part of the climate activism group Extinction Rebellion, taking part in climate protests that block off roads … Continue reading

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System Change, Not Climate Change

In her inaugural lecture, Dr. Heleen de Conick spoke about system change. She is now Professor of Socio-Technical Innovation and Climate Change in the Industrial Engineering and Innovation Sciences Department of the Eindhoven University of Technology. …cotinue reading at Elektor

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