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The concept flourishing is based on optimal human functioning. It incorporates several constructs from the field of positive psychology. In contrast to the commonly used hedonic approach of subjective well-being, flourishing is based on the eudaimonic approach of psychological well-being … Continue reading

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Games for Health

Health science has been embracing gaming as a meaningful way to communicate, educate, and as a mechanism to deliver treatment [1,2]. There has been a growing interest in both serious games for health and gamified health interventions [3], especially those … Continue reading

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Before the paper Effect of a Health Game Prompt

There are two stories here. One is the story of the content of the paper and this is pretty straight forward. It started reading a paper and wondering about something: “…reading the work of Brooks, it seemed to me that … Continue reading

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Learning strategies and metacognition

In very broad strokes there are three kinds of learning strategies: rehearsal, elaboration and organisational. Rehearsal is the much used ‘rinse and repeat’ approach of content repetition or rote learning. Elaboration might include the use of mnemonics, paraphrasing or summarizing … Continue reading

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A Framework for developing Serious Games for Health

The paper Developing Theory-Driven, Evidence-Based Serious Games for Health: Framework Based on Research Community Insights by Verschueren and colleagues provides a well-researched framework for developing any serious game and especially one for health/wellbeing purposes. Their research into efficacy and best-practices … Continue reading

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PhD Gaming to cope

Gaming has promise. In order to fulfil its didactic promise we need to understand exactly what goes on while people are ‘in game’ and how this joyful experience can be used to facilitate positive behaviours – such as functional coping … Continue reading

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