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I accept Bitcoin

Bitcoin! A short explanatory animation to get you started (it has alpacas) I too accept Bitcoins @ 13KMUL4cGsGaUXeWcKhT6w5XwjiMqhxoZ2

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Riftris ~* (noun) brandname A Tetris version developed by us for the VR-headset Oculus Rift, which divides the gameplay between both lenses in order to train stereoscopic viewing in people with no natural depth perception. People with normal depth perception … Continue reading

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Uitbuitingsgerei ~ ander woord voor gamification *vanuit (negatieve) intentie Vertaling van Exploitationware – Ian Bogost I’ve suggested the term “exploitationware” as a more accurate name for gamification’s true purpose, for those of us still interested in truth. Exploitationware captures gamifiers’ … Continue reading

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Spelement ^^ (zelfstandig naamwoord) Het loslaten van spelstructuren of spelelementen op bezigheden die over het algemeen niet als spel worden ervaren. /Toevoegen van speelkracht. Vertaling van ‘gamification’

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Oh’ the Gameness of it all

‘Gamification’ ‘Serious games’ and ‘Gameful’. There are blogs, books, articles and summits being held discussing these new game-concepts. Inspirational people come together to hold inspirational talks while the world is listening. The sliding grip we have on these new words … Continue reading

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Cornflakes and moonflowers

From here on it’s all “cornflakes and moonflowers” = living the good life :)

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