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I accept Bitcoin

Bitcoin! A short explanatory animation to get you started (it has alpacas) I too accept Bitcoins @ 13KMUL4cGsGaUXeWcKhT6w5XwjiMqhxoZ2

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Videos of stuff – Ruilen met Robinson

One of the things that constantly happened at the exchangibition Ruilen met Robinson was the re-examination of old stuff. The things that we consider useless change in value when they are put into new context. These very short videos provide … Continue reading

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School kills creativity: Sir Robinson TED talk

Famous talk by Sir Ken Robinson on TED2006

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Drive animation: What motivates us

Animation made to part of a Dan Pink lecture on what motivates us. Disscussing the usefulness of extrinsic motivaters (money) and the clash with intrinsic motivation (autonomy, mastery, purpose).

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Sweat the small stuff: Sutherland TED talk

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The Art of Asking: Palmer TED talk

Engaging talk. Reminded me of the difference between facilitating and forcing: trust your audience. Be open about what you want and ask in a way that touches someone. Let the crowd/cloud catch you!

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