Homo ludens proving itself

Are You A Human logoA new way to prove your humanness.

PlayThru [pley throo] noun
The next evolution of online human verification and the best CAPTCHA replacement around.
A CAPTCHA alternative that stops bots with fun, by focusing on being simple and intuitive.

Prove yourself not by squinting at a few hardly legible letters and numbers but by the tiniest game format so far. Short gaming, browser games and mini-games have been gaining popularity and I believe we are quite ready to accept and enjoy these micro-games.
Go here, try one, and see what I mean.

This is gamification as I like it; simple and highly effective.
PlayThru has applied gamefulness where it works and achieves the object of the task and game-flow simultaneously.

By playing these very brief games we apply the intuitive logic that we are so good at, which still separates us from the very clever machinery that surrounds us. In just two seconds we prove ourselves to be uniquely human and have a tickle while doing so.
Throw out existential crises and enter gaming as the ultimate answer to a question that has become very real:

Are you human?

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