Perspective is Everthing: Sutherland TED talk

Another presentation where Sutherland is making the point that in improving the world, the psychology of our experience is often sadly neglected. Perspective – and the idea that it can be shifted – is not just a wonderful frame for any user experience. It is also central to the psychological constructs Resilience and Self-efficacy, which in turn are central to learning and behavioural change.

He mentions a different view on economic theory and points out distinctions that we consider ‘natural’ to be man-made. In this case such distinctions are made by a lot of economical men. I remember one discussion with an economist from my standpoint ‘Economy is mass-hysteria’ – for the economist there was no psychology involved at all in economic theory. All was the firm economical model of numbers and rationality. As if only the irrational may be considered psychology, oh my gosh.

Many heavy meditators, physicists and philosophers have gained the realisation into their very fabric that everything is perspective. Reality is captured by its observation and weighed by its interpretation. Since everything is perspective, perspective is everything and if you can change the perspective you change the experience. What is life but a series of experiences?

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