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Introducing Alternate Reality Gaming

In 2008 I first came across Alternate Reality Gaming (ARG) in an episode of the popular TV-show Numb3rs and I was intrigued. It was a form of gaming that apparently did not stop when it encountered physical reality but made … Continue reading

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ARG vs. MMORPG: More real and more social.

I wanted to dive into the realm of Alternate Reality Games and find out more about how they work, why they work and what experiences they bring to the players. I expected this gaming genre to create all sorts of … Continue reading

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Can you gamify everything? Well, yes. A game is a structure; in itself it holds no content. Therefore any content may be added and enjoy the great benefits in motivation and teaching power that a game can give us. Any … Continue reading

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Reality is broken – McGonigal

Reality is broken Why games make us better and how they can change the world By Jane McGonigal An inspirational book, lets start there, Mrs McGonigal has most definitely written an inspirational book here. It is an easy read; keeping … Continue reading

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