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This Is Not Rocket Science – Liftoff

Tonight we will start Twittering like crazy to get the engines going. The stars are out over Amsterdam, spring is in the air and it is a good day for a launch! On This Is Not Rocket Science you can … Continue reading

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Gamification TEDx Catherine Aurelio

Nice talk with some examples of gamification and a handy overview matrix. Doesnt go deep into the psychology or the game elements but paints a good first picture. Catherine Aurelio is obviously excited about the possibilties of this ‘new manipulation … Continue reading

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Perspective is Everthing: Sutherland TED talk

Another presentation where Sutherland is making the point that in improving the world, the psychology of our experience is often sadly neglected. Perspective – and the idea that it can be shifted – is not just a wonderful frame for … Continue reading

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Riftris ~* (noun) brandname A Tetris version developed by us for the VR-headset Oculus Rift, which divides the gameplay between both lenses in order to train stereoscopic viewing in people with no natural depth perception. People with normal depth perception … Continue reading

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8uur overwerken – FairWork

Op 22 maart hebben we heerlijk 8 uur overgewerkt in eetlokaal Moes. Van 18:00 tot 02:00 uur zijn we in vijf teams aan de haal gegaan met communicatieve vragen van vijf goede doelen.   Ons team zette zich in voor … Continue reading

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Gamifeye: Are you present?

Ideally speaking, you should be able to experience entertainment and education within a game-frame – experiencing ‘fun’ and any ‘intentional content’ at the same time, instead of switching between blocks of one or the other. This takes a creative approach … Continue reading

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