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Different theories on humour Aggression, incongruity, and arousal-safety are the three explanatory mechanisms that most humour theories rely on. When a joke attacks an individual or group, this is considered an aggression based joke. These kind of jokes usually contain … Continue reading

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Perceived realism in media & gaming

Research at the turn of the century indicated that people can make judgements about the reality of a media experience on a moment-to-moment basis and that this judgement depends highly on the typicality of the experience (Shapiro, 2003). If it … Continue reading

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Quotable #3 Yesterday

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Perspective is Everthing: Sutherland TED talk

Another presentation where Sutherland is making the point that in improving the world, the psychology of our experience is often sadly neglected. Perspective – and the idea that it can be shifted – is not just a wonderful frame for … Continue reading

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Verandering in realiteit door Alternate Reality Gaming – een onderzoek

Wat is ‘spelen’ en hoe verhoudt het zich tot de rest van ons leven en onze realiteit? Huizinga (1938) en Caillios (1957) waren de eersten die uitgebreid nadachten over een geschikte definitie. Spel is afgebakend als een activiteit die vrij … Continue reading

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Gamification: Will it Blend?

Press release: Analysts Discuss Key Issues During Complimentary Webinar, “Gamification Trends and Strategies to Help Prepare for the Future” on November 28 2012 In this press release many sensible things are stipulated: We are currently in the hype-phase of game … Continue reading

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