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Perspective is Everthing: Sutherland TED talk

Another presentation where Sutherland is making the point that in improving the world, the psychology of our experience is often sadly neglected. Perspective – and the idea that it can be shifted – is not just a wonderful frame for … Continue reading

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3 things a day

There are many complete methods and little tricks to help you to improve yourself and your experience of life. As we understand more of the things that determine our ‘state’ we can use this knowledge to improve on it. One … Continue reading

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School kills creativity: Sir Robinson TED talk

Famous talk by Sir Ken Robinson on TED2006

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Drive animation: What motivates us

Animation made to part of a Dan Pink lecture on what motivates us. Disscussing the usefulness of extrinsic motivaters (money) and the clash with intrinsic motivation (autonomy, mastery, purpose).

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MirrorMe op Amsterdam Innovatie Event

Afgelopen 4 april was MirrorMe aanwezig op het AIE met een demoversie van het concept. Uit de dag zijn verschillende mogelijkheden tot subsidie en samenwerking met de minor zorgtechnologie van de HvA en het Bureau Kennistransfer van UvA, HvA en … Continue reading

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Sweat the small stuff: Sutherland TED talk

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