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Riftris ~* (noun) brandname A Tetris version developed by us for the VR-headset Oculus Rift, which divides the gameplay between both lenses in order to train stereoscopic viewing in people with no natural depth perception. People with normal depth perception … Continue reading

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VR and games as therapeutic tools

Before the break of summer I attended “Virtual reality and serious gaming for the prevention and treatment of psychological and behavioral disorders” of the EMGO+ E-HealthExcellence network at the VU University. Some of the first clinical trials being run with VR/AR and … Continue reading

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The machine is Us/ing Us

A classic. Explaining the ‘new thing’ about Web 2.0 and asking questions that we are currently shaping answers for. We are the HumanCloud organising the mess that we create.

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Sight from Sight Systems on Vimeo. A short futuristic film by Eran May-raz and Daniel Lazo. This is their graduation project from Bezaleal Academy of Arts (Israel).

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Alternate Reality Gaming – Ingredients

Any ARG has several key ingredients such as a puppet master a rabbit hole a curtain TING rhetoric A puppet master is the person controlling the game, giving out clues and keeping an eye on plot development. The starting point … Continue reading

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Introducing Alternate Reality Gaming

In 2008 I first came across Alternate Reality Gaming (ARG) in an episode of the popular TV-show Numb3rs and I was intrigued. It was a form of gaming that apparently did not stop when it encountered physical reality but made … Continue reading

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