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Another interesting distinction in game genres or game types is that of Exergames. Broadly speaking ‘exergames’ are all games that are controlled by bodily movement. Think of a game of virtual tennis, bowling or raft racing (Wii) and games like … Continue reading

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Keep your arousal high

We often think of the responses of our body and our emotional state as linked to our performance. “My heart is racing. I am terribly nervous because I am no good at…..”. However, this is not necessarily a valid conclusion. … Continue reading

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Bartle’s Player Groups by Extra Creditz

Excellent explanation – not just on the taxonomy of player groups and its’ two dimensions but also on how and why the categorization came to be.

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The play perspective of videogaming

Play seems to be something unreal. At first it seems intuitively clear what is meant by play; it is obvious when one is playing and when one is in earnest. The distinction between real and play seems clear, but at … Continue reading

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Spelen is van levensbelang – Kennis van Nu

Uitgezonden op Nederland 2 door de NTR op 28 januari 2015 om 19:20 uur.

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Quotable #7 Imagine

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