Uitbuitingsgerei ~ ander woord voor gamification
*vanuit (negatieve) intentie

Vertaling van Exploitationware – Ian Bogost

I’ve suggested the term “exploitationware” as a more accurate name for gamification’s true purpose, for those of us still interested in truth. Exploitationware captures gamifiers’ real intentions: a grifter’s game, pursued to capitalize on a cultural moment, through services about which they have questionable expertise, to bring about results meant to last only long enough to pad their bank accounts before the next bullshit trend comes along.

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  1. Yes, sadly, with the introduction of real world money to game economies, capitalism can destroy the magic circle. While games offered a tabula rasa approach (only skill and learning matters, but not real world income), buying in-game progress and advantages with real money is the opposite of equal playful gaming. However, gamification can be used for a good purpose, giving users a sense of progress and achievement and thus increase motivation where meaningful actions lack structure and instant gratification.

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