Workshop Game Thinking

Psychology of Game Based Learing, Serious Gaming and Gamification
More and more people want to appeal to our playful nature by using games or game-elements in a new context. Serious games, applied games, gameful design or gamification are all based on directing the power of our playful nature.

Working Science
During this workshop you will gain greater insight into our playful nature.  The workshop will give you a basic understanding of the psychological processes that are involved when we are at play.

We will discuss man at play, the psychology behind game-thinking and common pitfalls in application.

We will simultaneously run through psychological theory, research results and possibilities for application guided by your own case study. You can work on one case study with the entire team of have every participant bring their own. Together we will discuss different examples and investigate the application for your case and the possibilities for others. During the day you will be brainstorming in both open and structured ways. You will be thinking along, asking questions and be questioned.

“The question often arises how do I make it fun/ how do I use game-elements in coaching and training, and I apply parts of the theory from the workshop to this. For me, it is mostly a frame and an anchor.”

Paul de Vries, StudiumGenerale – Hogeschool Utrecht.

The power of play in your hands
You will discover relevant background information from the social sciences, receive knowledge from applied psychology and enrich yourself with insights from gaming-research.

We will be dealing with
– play, game and game elements
– teaching power of play
– extrinsic vs. intrinsic motivation
– Self Determination Theory
– psychological well-being
– Flow
– player types
– Fogg Behaviour Model
– narritivity
– different kinds of feedback
– Points, Badges & Leaderboards.
You will go home with new insights and the right questions to continue.

“The workshop gave me insight into the market and background of gamification. The model of how to approach this was very insightful and manageable.”

Henriëtte van Strijland, marketeer.

Participants and costs
This workshop is made for a full day between 10:00 and 17:00 hours and requires at least 4 participants – but no more than 12. Reader, day summary and follow-up via e-mail are included for € 2.400.

Want to know more
For all your questions and bookings, please e-mail Priscilla Haring


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